Thursday, September 8, 2016

Some of our Borders

JENNY looks just like her dam, Val.
Jenny has lovely structure and just like her sisters she carries blue in her genes from her sire, 
Blazzin Delson who is a Blue Tri

Delsin shown here is the sire of this group. He belongs to a friend, Stephanie

Delsin excels in agility. Awesome sire

This is LIZZIE our beautiful tri girl

BONNIE had her first litter bred to Kieran with eleven pups!

This is Kieran, the sire to Bonnie's litter. He's smaller with very nice markings of Tri. Kieran enjoys agility as well. Kieran is another outside stud belonging to Sabree

DIANE is another lovely tri

This is Daniel

Black and White Tri

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Pups of Val & Bill

This handsome boy is making his home in Salem, Mass
An amazing white factor male! Quite stunning in his looks and wonderful sweet personality.
The girl...she is going on to a show home. She's just lovely.
Pups born May 18, 2013 - Boy, Girl, Boy

Our girl - Valkeryia with us in Corpus Christi, TX enjoying the water inlet on one of our Fiber Optic jobs. Shown below waiting patiently while we work.
Val is very mellow for a Border. She's ultimate intelligent and willing to please in every way. Her dam is Chyna, sire Dax.

Val cooling off in a water puddle from a major down pour

The sire - Bill III Excellent working bloodlines

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Miranda & Valiant and their pups

My beautiful, sweet Miranda

Miranda is a lovely split face....shown with her son Rhys who got her markings

MIRANDA___________Her first litter

VALIANT___________Sire of the pups

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The boys born on 12/5/11 at three days old


Galen at 6 wks, he's a rough coat, sweet nature'd and curious

Galen playing


Rhys 6 wks

Rhys at 6 wks, rough coat, with an amazing personality, so much love


Nicca at 6 wks. he's a medium/rough coat, he's got a bit more white, sweet, playful, and watchful

Nicca enjoying life


Mistral at 6 wks, he is also a rough coat and very playful, full of vim & vigor!

Mistral at 6 wks....very handsome male



Kitto at 6 wks. the little guy, I could not get him to stay still, LOL. He's another rough coat. Kitto goes to his new home in Cassville, MO with Jamie at the end of this month.

The girls born on 12/5/11 at three days old


she has a medium coat, her temperament so far is shy, sweet.


Merry at 6 wks, Not too rambunctius, typical Border state of mind. Merry will be going to her new home, in Lee's Summit, MO, with Marvin & Jo Ann, at the end of Jan. She is a very loving girl with a fresh curiosity.


Niceven at 6 wks. lovely girl, lots of energy with a medium/rough coat. Sweet, loving girl, gives a lot of attention